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only 3 weeks to go and mom-to-be still looks gorgeous. this is my sister-in-law, brother, and cutie-pie niece gracie. their baby boy will be here soon making his debut on the blog!  stay tuned…

Jamie02 by you.PINIMAGE

Jamie50 by you.PINIMAGE

Jamie86 by you.PINIMAGE


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my mother-in-law says that jack is surely going to have p.c.s. (photographer’s child syndrome). what do you think?

“mom, what are you doing getting your camera?”

nov08180 by you.PINIMAGE

“no…i don’t want my picture taken!”

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spread the love: FL:R

that’s John’s nickname for our newest goddaughter. i took these pictures a while ago but never got around to sharing them here.

Sofia 1 by you.PINIMAGE

sofia 3 by you.PINIMAGE

sofia 4 by you.PINIMAGE

sofia 2 by you.PINIMAGE

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