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i love sharing my passion with others whether it be mom’s who just want to take better pictures of their kids or professionals who need help getting to that next level. i started my picture perfect workshops in 2013 and i realized about two minutes into my first workshop that teaching others is something that makes me happy! the picture perfect workshop is for camera enthusiasts who who want to learn how to use their dlsr camera to it’s fullest potential. we do not cover any editing or business talk. i offer these workshops throughout the year and always blog and facebook when the next class is available. feel free to email me if you’d like to be on a wait-list for the next picture perfect workshop.

i also offer “picture perfect for pros” which is private 1:1 mentoring for those who have already established a photography business but need help fine-tuning their skills (shooting and editing) and improving their business. i’ve been a photographer since 2009 and i left my job in the corporate world to do what i love. it took a lot of hard-work and even some mistakes to get where i am right now and i love sharing what has worked (and what didn’t work) with other photographers. email for more info.