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custom birth announcements | southeast michigan newborn photographer

or custom birthday party invites, christmas cards, wedding thank-yous, etc. we can put these together after your photo session. i will provide some examples and then you can pick your favorite and decide what you would like changed, if anything. the colors, fonts, and designs are completely customizable!

here is blaize’s:


and here’s another:


  • Leigh - Alright.. Alright.. I admit it. I am a Pazy’s Portraits junkie. I’m addicted to this website. I find myself checking it daily for more pictures. Sarah, you are my inspiration. Keep em comin! And I’m having another baby just so I can order those birth announcements.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - if you think these are cute, you should see the girlie ones! i will be so sad if i never get to use one…john insists we are having all boys.ReplyCancel

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