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i haven’t blogged in a really long time, so obviously, i must really love lauren’s pictures to pick them as my first session blogged in 2016. i really do though. she’s beautiful and awesome! (and by the way, i’ve already started booking class of 2017 seniors and i have a few spring openings for class of 2016 seniors that are a little late to the game!)


  • Aunt Dolly - Lauren, its so very difficult for me to realize that ITS REALY YOU in these wonderful photographs!! You, little Ren, was a most delightful youngster but in my realization that you’ve become this beautiful, chic young woman RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES, blows my mind!! I’m so grateful that I’m still here to see the amazing transformation that’s taken place within you; from the sprightly little youngster to the amazing young woman you’ve become.
    Stay as sweet as you are and always keep that radiant inner glow within you, Honey because it really does show.
    Congratulations just for being wonderful you, Lauren. I love you all ways and ever and remember that I will always be your loving Aunt Dolly. xoxoReplyCancel

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a handsome boy in a suit and some of detroit’s best backdrops!


  • Kathy Krupanasky - OMJ, these are so stunning, I can’t pick a favorite!!! I love them all. What a handsome subject, beautifully captured…. Congrats…ReplyCancel

  • Nana - Wow, I sure can make good lookin grandsons, can’t I? Love the subject and the photographer…. Bet you won’t have to photoshop these pics, huh? Pure Love!ReplyCancel

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you know i must really love a session if i decide i need to blog it right smack dab in the middle of my crazy season. this family is super adorable though. it really couldn’t wait!


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