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sooooo, i’m going to let you in on a little secret. i used to not really like senior boy sessions. i don’t know why,  i have four brothers, a husband, and three sons, so it wasn’t that i’m not used to being around boys. but last year changed all that for me. for the first time ever my senior boy to girl ratio was equal and i LOVED it. i think i imagined what it would be like when jack (my oldest) was a senior and how i wanted him to have some awesome pictures. so many people don’t put any stock in senior boys and that made me a little sad. i had so much fun with all these boys and their mommas. of course, i think mom’s of boys are pretty pretty amazing too! 😉 i’m so excited for my boys from the class of 2016!


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it’s that time of year again. this is my second and probably last workshop of the year. the first one sold out and this one is half-way there. you can read past workshop attendee testimonials here: what they’re saying

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